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Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 18:00 GMT

Ellie Quiz

NR presenters Ellie, Lizo and Laura

Question 1

What's her most embarrassing moment?

A: Hiccuping during a NR show
B: Walking into a lampost
C: Walking out of toilet with loo roll stuck to her shoe

Question 2

What are Ellie's favourite animals?

A: Guinea pigs
B: Hippos
C: Monkeys

Question 3

Which live band does Ellie describe as 'unbelievable'?

A: The Rolling Stones
B: Busted
C: Green Day

Question 4

What's her favourite item of clothing?

A: Bootcut jeans
B: Pink party dress
C: Pale blue hoodie

Question 5

What are Ellie's hobbies?

A: Swimming, dancing, film and rollerblading
B: Drawing, dancing, reading and and hockey
C: Dancing, music, film and fashion

Question 6

Which of these jobs did Ellie do before joining Newsround?

A: Shop assistant
B: Holiday rep
C: Window cleaner

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