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Last Updated: Friday November 05 2004 10:29 GMT

First Star Wars trailer released

The first trailer for the final Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith, has come out on the web and on TV.

It starts with clips from the other films, and then we see Anakin Skywalker with a creepy, evil yellow eye.

After that, we see Anakin as Darth Vader, loads of light saber action between Anakin and his Jedi master Obi Wan and some awesome space battles!

The film, also called Episode III, ties together the original trilogy and the newest films, and is out in May 2005.

Fans have been waiting for the Star Wars saga to be complete since the first film came out in 1977.

The trailer combines lots of things from the original trilogy with the most recent films.

Star Wars buffs will recognise Wookiees, ships that look like X-Wings and an all-gold C3-PO.

Rumours say the trailer will be in cinemas this Christmas.

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