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Last Updated: Thursday August 17 2006 13:59 GMT

Quiz: Fireworks


Question 1

Fireworks night marks Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. But, what was his famous plan called?

A: The Big Blow-up
B: The Gunpowder Plot
C: The Dynamite Disaster

Question 2

Which King was Guy Fawkes trying to destroy?

A: King James I
B: King Henry VIII
C: King George V

Question 3

In which year did this all take place?

A: 1503
B: 1702
C: 1605

Question 4

Where were fireworks invented?

A: India
B: China
C: America

Question 5

People have been warned to watch out for a particular type of animal hiding in bonfires. What is it?

A: Water Voles
B: Badgers
C: Hedgehogs

Question 6

If your firework doesn’t work after it’s been lit, what should you do?

A: Pour water over it
B: Try and re-light it
C: Nothing. You should never go back to a lit firework

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