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Teachers: Citizenship: Commonwealth

Last Updated: Wed November 03 2004 18:58 GMT

England Citizenship

These are the guidelines for your area. The bold type indicates which content this lesson covers.

Knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens

1. Pupils should be taught about:

[A] Legal and human rights and responsibilities underpinning society
[B] Diversity of national, regional, religious and ethnic identities
[C] Central and local government, the public services they offer
[D] Key characteristics of forms of government
[E] The electoral system and the importance of voting
[F] The work of voluntary groups
[G] The importance of resolving conflict fairly
[H] The significance of the media in society
[I] The global community, the political, economic, environmental and social implications, the E U, the Commonwealth and the U N

Developing skills of enquiry and communication

2. Pupils should be taught to:

[A] Think about issues, problems and events by analysing information
[B] Justify orally and in writing a personal opinion
[C] Contribute to group and exploratory class discussions

Developing skills of participation and responsible action

3. Pupils should be taught to:

[A] Consider other people's experiences
[B] Take part responsibly in both school and community activities
[C] Reflect on the process of participating

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