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Teachers: Ability

Last Updated: Wed November 03 2004 15:15 GMT

Northern Ireland EMU

EMU 1: Fostering respect for self and others and building relationships

Pupils develop:

  • A sense of self-esteem/confidence in own worth and ability to take responsibility for themselves
  • Ability to build and manage relationships at work and play
  • Accepting differences, developing patience, respect, gratitude and tolerance

    EMU 3/CH 1: Interdependence, interaction, continuity and change

    Pupils know and understand:

  • Structures/role of family including sexual equality and shared responsibility in family, school, community and society

    Objectives - HE

    1. Health in context of personal development

    Pupils should develop:

  • Positive self-image/self-confidence, with an understanding of stages involved and factors affecting physical and emotional growth responsible
  • Informed decisions about their diet
  • Awareness of use, misuse, risks and effects of drugs and other potentially harmful substances

    2. Health in the context of social development

    Pupils should be able to:

  • Make positive contribution to family life
  • Manage relationships with peers in variety of situations
  • Establish responsible relationships with widening community

    3. Health in relation to the environment

    Pupils should be able to:

  • Cope safely and efficiently with their environment
  • Understand what is a healthy environment and their responsibility for maintaining and improving it

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