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Where we get our stories

Our journalists have access to sources across Britain and the world to make sure that CBBC Newsround Online is as accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive as possible.

Here are our main sources:

We use a computer system called ENPS (Electronic News Production System) which is linked to the world's major news agencies (eg Reuters, Press Association and Associated Press).

Stories written by these journalists (called "wires") appear on our computers all the time - several hundred an hour. We look through these and decide which ones to cover

BBC News
BBC News have reporters covering the globe, and numerous local and regional newsrooms across the United Kingdom.

They ensure that every major story is covered, whenever and wherever it happens. We use the best of these stories - and the ones that are most relevant to children - to help make CBBC Newsround Online.

Newsround on TV
Newsround has a team of more than 10 journalists working to produce Britain's only TV news programme for children. We work closely together, and much of the video on our site comes from Newsround reports.

Press Releases
We get hundreds of press releases a week from companies, charities, schools and organisations telling us about events and other news. We sort these to make sure we are covering the most interesting stories.

Websites are one of the best ways of finding out detailed information about specialist subjects (eg Harry Potter or wrestling). We are constantly scouring the web to find stories of interest - particularly ones which are especially interesting to children.

We have contacts with record companies, sports clubs, politicians, games makers - all kinds of people. We talk to them to find out what's happening before anyone else knows - so we can put the freshest stories on the site first!

Although we have lots of stories, we still don't know enough about what's going on. If there's something interesting in your area, why not write a Press Pack report about it, or suggest that we cover it as a story?

To suggest a story, check out the Contact Us section.

To send us a Press Pack report, check out the Press Pack Reports section.