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Last Updated: Tuesday November 02 2004 13:48 GMT

Public toilets for dogs in China

Dog next to dog toilet
Nobody likes stepping in dog poo, so officials in China have set up toilets for pets in the streets around Beijing.

Four hundred doggy loos have been built in the Chinese capital to enable animals to relieve themselves without causing a mess.

The scheme is designed to try and clean up the streets in advance of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The toilets are designed to look like mini kennels and feature a slide out tray to catch the doggy waste.

Fines don't work

Although dog owners in Beijing are currently fined 50 Renminbi, approximately 3.30 for letting their dogs foul the streets the fines don't seem to be working.

It's hoped this scheme will be more successful.

But not every dog is convinced by the new loos.

Some animals are still stuck in their old habits despite attempts by their owners to get them to use the pet toilets.

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