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Last Updated: Monday November 01 2004 20:40 GMT

China aims at five-day space shot

China successfully launched Shenzhou V into space in 2003
China is set to launch its second manned space flight, which will carry two astronauts into a five-day orbit around the Earth in 2005.

The country's space agency, China Aerospace Science and Technology revealed the plan at an air show.

Scientists said they had been working to improve their spacecraft, which is called Shenzhou VI.

China's first manned mission to space, Shenzhou V, launched in October 2003, and lasted just over 21 hours.

That mission was flown by a pilot called Yang Liwei.

Scientists have been trying to reduce the weight and improve the performance of instruments on the ship.

China also plans to send a satellite called Chang'e-1 into orbit around the Moon in two years.

Then they want send an unmanned landing craft onto the Moon by 2010.

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