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Last Updated: Tuesday November 09 2004 10:45 GMT

All about Lizzie

NR presenter Lizzie Greenwood

Lizzie Greenwood joined the team in December 2001. During her time with the show she's covered loads of stories around the world including the Venice film festival and a NR extra in Antarctica.

Here she tells us all about herself.

Date of Birth?

January 13


Two sisters - Tanya and Sarah


Hockey, horse-riding, snow-boarding, walking - basically anything outside in the fresh air! I also like painting and drawing, looking after my rabbits and doing-up my flat.

Favourite colour?


Favourite item of clothing

My puffa

Favourite band/artist

DJ Paul Oakenfold

How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Getting up mid morning, watching Hollyoaks then a game of hockey, followed by a huge fry-up. Reading the Sunday papers, a walk and then a country pub meal in the evening

Favourite animal?

My horse Rosie and then in second place my pet rabbit Curtis

What are you scared of?

Creepy crawlies

Who/what makes you laugh?

There's a writer called Anna Maxted who wrote a book called 'Getting over it'. I laughed so much when I read the book that I was continually being asked by people on tubes and trains what I was reading!

What other jobs have you had?

I've worked in TV for quite a few years so I've had loads but I started as an assistant to a film director called Peter Kosminsky

Favourite Actor/Actress?

Christian Slater

Favourite Film?

The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Food

Steak and real chips

Most embarrassing moment?

When I had a coughing fit in the middle of a NR bulletin. I had to drink some water but I still couldn't speak properly

Favourite holiday destination?

For cold and snow - Sunshine Village, Banff. For hot - Knysna, South Africa

Most memorable news story you've reported on?

Global warming in Antarctica

What makes a good NR story?

One that is interesting, unusual and definitely fun

Advice to children who want to get into journalism?

Keep across the stories in Newspapers and on TV. Ask lots of questions about the world and current affairs and practise writing stories as if you were the reporter

Best advice ever given?

Not to give up!

What makes you happy?

Sport - watching & playing

Favourite gadget?

My digital radio

What's your biggest ambition?

To win