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Last Updated: Wednesday August 30 2006 09:17 GMT

All about Adam


Adam Fleming joined the NR team in February 2002. He is an out and about reporter for Newsround covering all the big stories.

His highlights so far include going to Hawaii for the Surfing World Cup and jumping off a cliff for Newsround.

Here he tells us all about himself

Date of Birth

2 April 1980


One younger sister - Sally


Cinema, eating out

Favourite colour

I wouldn't want to make all the other colours jealous

Favourite item of clothing

An ancient blue jumper with a zip at the neck

Favourite band

I'm really into David Bowie at the moment. He was really famous in the 1970s and 80s!

How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Long lie-in followed by bacon sandwich, quickly followed by big Sunday lunch. Then try and convince myself to do exercise but end up reading the paper instead

Favourite animal

Again, I wouldn't want to make the others jealous. But definitely not cats

What are you scared of?

Pumpkins - I'm really allergic to them

Who/what makes you laugh?

My friends. And a joke about a really thirsty man in the desert

What other jobs have you had?

Double-glazing salesman, dressing up as a bear for charity, handing out leaflets for the BBC, selling electricity

Favourite Actor/Actress

Kate Winslet

Favourite Film


Favourite Food


Most embarrassing moment?

Telling Hollywood actor Toby McGuire that I thought he played Superman very well! ( He was Spiderman)

Favourite holiday destination


Most memorable news story you've reported on?

I've just got back from a camp for Sudanese refugees in Chad in Africa. Thousands of people have absolutely nothing and are living in tents. It was very moving

What make a good NR story?

A good NR story is something that affects or involves children. It also helps if there is a bit of an argument going on - a bit of a row always helps make a good story. It also has to be fairly new because if something is old, it isn't news

Advice to children who want to get into journalism?

You should read loads of papers and websites, watch loads of news on TV and listen to the radio. When you're old enough go and get as much work experience as you can. It doesn't matter where - local radio, local papers - as long as you get out and meet journalists and learn what they do

Best advice ever given?

Nick Owen the newsreader told me that you should never turn anything down... even if you don't think you will get anything out of it. You never know who you might meet or what opportunities you could get out of something

What makes you happy?

Loads of things... having a good time with my friends, seeing my friends and family being happy, cracking a really tough story

Favourite gadget?

My electric toothbrush. I didn't really like them until I got one for Christmas but now I can't live without it. They leave your teeth sooo clean!

What's your biggest ambition?

To be able to swim more than two lengths