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Last Updated: Tuesday July 31 2007 09:44 GMT

All about Ellie

NR presenter Ellie Crisell

Ellie's gone off to have a baby, but she'll be back soon!

Ellie Crisell joined NR in February 2003. As well as presenting the programme she has reported from some of the biggest news stories around the world. These include a stay in Israel reporting on fighting in the Middle East, a trip to New York looking at computer games and covering the tsunami in Asia.

Here she tells us all about herself.

Where were you born?

County Durham


One younger sister - 24. She's a magazine journalist and I'm very proud of her!


Cooking, dance, fashion and film

Favourite colour?

Sky blue

Favourite item of clothing?

This changes all the time. Currently it's a cream lace dress I bought for my birthday.

How would you spend your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Mum's roast beef followed by a video marathon with my sister, and then meet up with friends in the evening

Favourite animal?

Monkeys (preferably baby ones!)

Favourite film?

Weird Science - and any Rom Coms from the 1980's!

Favourite band?

I like all sorts of music - from indie, to pop to RnB. I'm not fussy as long as a song has a good beat and a nice tune. The best live band I ever saw were The Rolling Stones - unbelievable!

What are you scared of?

Spiders and mice. I am literally paralysed by fear when I see a mouse, having shared a house with some a few years ago!

Who/what makes you laugh?

My family make me laugh. My sister and I have the exact same sense of humour. Most of my friends crack me up too, especially my mate Ben.

What other jobs have you had?

Waitress in New York (good tips), shop assistant, babysitter

Favourite actor/actress?

I like loads of people, but particular favourites are Jack Nicholson, Jessica Lange and Goldie Hawn

Favourite food?

Anything my mum cooks... and Greek and Middle Eastern food

Most embarrassing moment?

Walking out of a ladies loo in front of a guy I fancied and realising I had about four feet of toilet roll stuck to my shoe. Cringe!

Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere hot, hot, hot. And with a beach and nice restaurants. I went to Lindos on Greek island Rhodes a couple of years ago and it was pretty near perfect

Most memorable story?

I think my trip to Israel to speak to children living with the conflict there, will be something that'll stay with me forever. I met children that have totally different lives from kids here in the UK - who've gone through more than most adults will. It's a fascinating place. Visiting Banda Aceh just a few days after the tsunami hit the area, killing hundreds of thousands of people, will also be an experience I'll never forget

What makes a good NR story?

Something that will be interesting to our audience - that might be because it directly affects children, or simply because it's a good story. Anything that gets you lot talking gets us interested

Advice to children who want to get into journalism?

If you're interested in journalism try and get involved as soon as you can. If your school has a newspaper or radio/TV station - join it. Work hard at school, go to university and join the student paper/TV station

Get work experience wherever you can, and listen to as much news as you can bear! If it's possible - a postgraduate course in journalism (after uni) really helps

Best advice ever given?

My dad always tells me to show willing. No story is too dull and nothing is too much trouble. Once you get into the workplace - do whatever's asked of you and people will learn that you are reliable and keen, and give you opportunities.

What makes you happy?

Doing well with a tough story gives me a real sense of achievement. I once had to explain how the American election system works and it totally fried my brain.

It's so complicated, I had difficulty getting my head round it, and then I had to put it in terms an 8 year old could understand. Not an easy task, but eventually (with a bit of help) I got there and felt so pleased with myself.

Other than that, what also makes me happy is relaxing during my time off! Hanging out with my mates and boyfriend and having fun.

Favourite gadget?

I'm not a real gadget girl. Every guy I know has to have the latest gadget, but unless I'm going to use it lots, I don't see the point! That said, Laura's just got a lunch bag that keeps your food cool and I'd like to get my hands on one of those!

What's your biggest ambition?

Well my ambition was always to read the news! I think now it's just to be happy and have as much fun as possible!