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Last Updated: Sunday November 21 2004 20:59 GMT

Can animal rights campaigners go too far?

Mouse on a scientist's hand
The Government looks set to introduce a new law to protect people involved in animal research.

The new rules are aimed at protecting lab workers who face hate mail, threats and regular home visits from animal rights protesters.

However, the law would not affect animal rights campaigners who take part in legal, peaceful protests.

What should be done to protect scientists who are just doing their job?

Do you think more should be done to find an alternative to testing on animals?

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Your Comments

I think they should test people, as they would have a more accurate result than they do on animals as people can say what they feel, whereas animals cannot.
Jemma, 15, Kent

I think it's not justifiable to test anything on animals. Some can cause them pain especially if they go wrong. We wouldn't like it if we were test subjects, so why put them through it.
Stacey, 15, Maidstone

I don't think they go too far because they are just sticking up for the animals who can't stick up for themselves.
Jenny, 15, Bristol

I think it's fine to test for cures for diseases on animals, and that shouldn't be stopped. But people who test for cosmetics on animals are cruel. If you are sooo desperate for cosmetics, try going to a shop where they sell animal friendly products.
Rowanne, 12, Newport

I think that its OK to test medicine and cures for diseases on animals but those testing cosmetics on them are wrong
Sid, 11, Tenterden

I think it's okay for people to test on animals but not to go too far.
Tally, 11,Spain

I love animals, you can never go to far to save them.
Lois, 12, Morpeth

I think it's ok to test cures for major diseases on animals. But testing cosmetics on them is wrong. I think there needs to be new rules for campaigners because they can go to far like going outside there homes.
Zac, 13, Colchester

Come on people. Who do we care more about? Humans or a bunch of rats, rabbits and monkeys? You can only say stop testing on animals if you are vegetarian and don't wear leather shoes. Things die and have pain every day. It's a fact of life. Why are we stuck trying to spare a few animals when we could be out there saving thousands of human lives in the Sudan.
Hannah, 13, Leicester

I am not sure about this. I don't think animal testing is right, and I think it should be avoided if possible, but, really, if it was your life or a rat's life, then the rat is going to end up dead. Protest if you will, but keep it within the law. I like Beth's idea about using your time to try and find an alternative.
Amy, 14, Worthing

I think it's very nice for people to care about animals. Their not getting carried away. If they were there would be no point of having the RSPCA, CLAW and other campaigns.
Emma, 9, Whatlington

I think that they can go to far but they have to get their point across. However I think that as long as people are getting cured of illnesses it is ok.
Joanna, 13, Birmingham

I think that scientists should be protected because they are only trying to find cures for diseases. Plus the animals protester would moan if there weren't any cures!
Mary, 12, Deal

Testing on animals is disgusting. I fully support the protesting but I think they should do it within the law.
Charlie, 9, Liverpool

I think the scientists and campaigners should work together to gather an alternative.
Lucy, 11, Ashford

Yes, campaigning can go too far, but I think it is good that people are standing up for what they believe in. It is not fair to test on animals for cosmetics or make up, but if scientists can use animal testing to find the cure for a disease that currently is incurable, it should be allowed.
Lisa, 15, Caerphilly

Animal rights campaigners are right because it's very cruel to test things on animals, after all humans wouldn't like it and animals have feelings too!
Adam, 13, Hillingdon

I think that animal testing is wrong, but they are trying to cure serious and terminal illnesses and what else are they supposed to test the drugs on, they can't test them on humans, can they? And they can't produce and sell drugs without them being tested first because they may just cause more damage than good
Kim, 15, Bournemouth

I am an animal rights activist and protests do work. Even if animal testing did cure most diseases (which it never will) it still shouldn't take place. How would you like to be locked in a cage and tortured to help find a cure for dog cancer?
Coral, 15, Newmarket

I think it's good to test on animals, okay it's does hurt the animal, and they can be in pain, but it could save so many lives. And the animals are bred to be tested.
Rosie, 15, Wells

Animal testing is wrong because animals are living things like us how would we feel if we were being tested on so protectors have a right to argue.
Adele, 11, Bath

I think the government should spend more time protecting the animals rather then the scientist then the scientists wouldn't get attacked. They need to tackle the real problem.
Kate, 13, Chelmsford

I think yes but there is no compromise with the people who are doing it I think it's wrong putting animals under pain like that!
Amy, 13, Cardiff

I think animal rights people are right to take action. As the government couldn't care less about animals rights. They should find alternatives to animal testing as it is wrong and cruel. As most animals are mistreated in the labs anyway.
Lauren, 12, Banbury

I think that animal testing is good and bad. It's good because it helps us to find cures for diseases, but it's bad because it is cruel to animals and they can hurt them! No matter what, I definitely don't agree with the protestors and I don't think that the scientists should have to check under the bottom of their cars in case a bomb is there! People shouldn't blame the scientists!
Nicola, 11, Sutton

I think the campaigners would understand more about what the scientists were trying to do if they find out they had cancer or another life threatening disease that needed a cure.
Sarah, 14, London

An animal in the wild faces daily dangers so really the laboratories is just another one, however I feel if the animals are being tested for cosmetics it is just a waste of a life. Also the campaigners are just as bad as the scientists because they are threatening the scientists.
Bonnie, 12, London

The campaigners would probably do better testing on something different. Animals are just poor, innocent creatures who don't deserve to be tested.
Abigail, 10, Kingston

Protesting isn't going to stop animal testing and breaking the law isn't clever. Protesters and scientists should work together to find an alternative.
Sarah, 13, Lancaster

I think we should use unhealthy chimpanzees when testing cures for cancer as they are the creatures nearest to humans and if there sick the cures can be used to help them get better.
Michican, 13, Dublin

Animals can't talk and if they were human they would probably be grateful for the campaigners actions. I completely support them.
Carmen, 15, Washington

The thing is yes they can, but there are some organizations out there that do the right thing. They should find the best ways they can to save grief from the law and hurting other people...
Amy, 14, Nottinghamshire

I think the campaigners should spend their time trying to find an alternative to animal testing instead.
Beth, 14, Doncaster