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Prince William

Last Updated: Monday March 16 2009 15:29 GMT

Wills the good sport

Prince William celebrates after scoring a goal during a training session (AP Photo/Scott Heppell, Pool)

At Ludgrove school, where he went until he was 13, William was rugby and hockey team captain.

He played footie and basketball, and represented the school at cross-country running.

The Prince was also good at clay pigeon shooting, and one year won the school prize.

Prince William
The Prince has also tried surfing!
Although Wills is a good golfer, it was not always just the ball that got hit! In 1991, he had to have an operation after being hit on the forehead with a golf club.

Prince William made a splash in 2004 when he was picked to play for the Scottish universities' water polo team in a national tournament.

He is President of the English Football Association, and often plays polo in the summer to raise money for charities.

William also loves rugby, motorbike riding and skiing.