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Last Updated: Friday June 25 2004 15:21 GMT

My brother was a suicide bomber

Wala is 10 years old. She lives in the Palestinian area of Nablus, a town in the West Bank.

Her older brother was a suicide bomber, he chose to blow himself up trying to kill Israelis.

After the attack the Israeli army bulldozed Wala's family home. Wala talks to Newsround Extra about her brother and her life.

How do you feel about what your brother did?



Because he did it for the sake of his land and to avenge his Uncle who was killed by Israelis.

I think it's good but I am angry with him, I pray that he went to heaven and I hope we'll follow and join him one day.

Do you think what he did was wrong?


How do feel about him killing others?

I feel sorry for them and I worry that he may have killed little girls but he would have stayed away from them.

Would you ever want to be a suicide bomber?

If I were to become a suicide bomber the Israelis might arrest me. It is better to be a martyr.

What's the difference?

The soldiers will shoot me on my way to school. That way I won't have any more problems. This life is full of pain and fear, I'll join my brother in heaven and all my problems will go away.

Don't you want to live and grow up?

Yes but it's better to be martyred.


I won't have to put up with this life that is full of pain and fear.

Have you ever met an Israeli child?

No, I haven't.

What do you want to happen in Nablus, what would make you happy?

I want the army to leave, I don't want to know about war or terrorism. I don't want the army to be able to enter the town.

How did you feel when the Israeli army bulldozed your house?

I was terrified. I cried a lot because they didn't give me time to get Sabih's belongings and the presents that he gave me.

I was very upset as there are a lot of memories of my brother and I. We used to laugh a lot and play in the house.

How has all this changed you?

Many things changed. My school-work and I started to learn the Koran off by heart.

I changed, the atmosphere is different, I don't play as much. When Sabih was alive we used to play a lot but now there doesn't seem to be any joy.

What's your message?

I want to live in peace and security. I want the community to be secure so that I can come and go in peace.

I want everyone to love each other and I ask the children of the world to get together and have a rally for freedom so that we can go to the park just like they do.

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