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Last Updated: Friday July 02 2004 13:55 GMT

Teeth in the future

Dentist phobias may be a thing of the past with the development of a these new treatments free from drillings and fillings:

Grow new teeth
Scientists have successfully grown replacement teeth in mice by by planting special cells into the gap left by an old tooth.

It is hoped the technology will be available to humans in five years' time.

Gas blast
A pain-free technique called Healozone, which involves blasting ozone gas onto a damaged tooth, has been designed to kill bacteria.

The blast triggers the saliva in your mouth to start fixing your tooth naturally.

It's only available at 12 dentists in the UK at the moment, but is expected to eventually replace old style treatment everywhere.

GM germs
Normally, bacteria or germs in your mouth turn sugar into lactic acid, which in turn destroys your teeth.

But scientists have genetically modified the bacteria so it doesn't produce the acid.

They can squirt it into your mouth to protect you from tooth decay for life.

So far tests on animals have worked and humans are undergoing trials.

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