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Last Updated: Thursday June 03 2004 09:44 GMT


Juno beach

Who landed on Juno beach?
This was a Canadian landing beach for the 3rd Canadian Division, joined by tanks from the British Hussars.

What were their orders?
To cut the road from Caen to Bayeux, link up with the British forces at Gold and Sword beaches and take an airport west of Caen.

How did it go?
The Canadian troops suffered a lot of casualties. There were 1,200 dead or wounded out of the 21,000 troops who landed at Juno on D-Day. Casualty rates in the first hour were very high, with half of the first assault teams killed or wounded.

By the end of D-Day the Canadians had linked up with the British from Gold beach. They took the towns of Bernières and Saint-Aubin. Some of the tanks managed to cut the Caen-Bayeux highway.