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Last Updated: Thursday June 03 2004 09:45 GMT


Gold beach

Who landed on Gold beach?
This was a British landing beach. The British 50th Infantry Division, and the 47th Royal Marine Commando, led the attack.

What were their orders?
To cut the important road from Caen to Bayeux and take over the small port of Arromanches. It was hoped they could link up with the US troops at Omaha Beach and the Canadians at Juno Beach.

How did it go?
There were 400 casualties as the beach was secured. The landings took place from 7.25am onwards. Landing craft dropped armoured vehicles onto the beach, some of these were damaged by land mines. A naval bombardment in the morning weakened the German positions and the town of La Rivière was taken at 10am. By the end of the day 25,000 troops had come ashore at Gold beach.