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Last Updated: Tuesday June 01 2004 15:20 GMT

The 65th anniversary

War graves in Normandy

6 June 2009 was the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy. It was marked by hundreds of special events like the ones below:

• The Queen, Tony Blair and President Bush all took part in events to honour those who fought.

• Four hundred and fifty veterans crossed the channel again on the day of the anniversary, but this time on a specially chartered boat called the MV Van Gogh.

• Warships from allied countries paid a special visit to France.

• Hundreds of jeeps, trucks and other military vehicles from the landings paraded through villages liberated in the first days of the invasion.

• British and American army camps were recreated to show how they would have looked in 1944.

• There were screenings of special films, exhibitions of objects from the landings, special debates and concerts and gatherings of some of the people involved, from generals and political leaders to soldiers and civilians.

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