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Last Updated: Tuesday September 28 2004 13:44 GMT

Quiz: homework

Girl doing homework

Question 1

What is the best way to remember what homework you've got on which night?

A: Write in on the back of your hand the day you get it.
B: Write it in the back of your subject exercise book.
C: Write it in a planner or diary.
D: Write it in a planner or diary and draw up a weekly homework timetable showing when homework for each subject is set and when it is due in.

Question 2

At the end of the lesson your teacher writes the homework on the board but when you start copying it down you realise you don't understand it. What do you do?

A: Ask your teacher to explain it again. Don't be scared as you are probably not the only one who doesn't understand.
B: Write it down and figure it out later - you don't want to waste your break time listening to your teacher's explanation.
C: Don't bother writing it down - you don't get it anyway.

Question 3

Which of these is NOT a good time or place to do your homework?

A: During breaks and lunch times - so you won't have as much to do when you get home.
B: In front of the telly - so you won't get bored.
C: At a friend's house - so you can help and motivate each other.

Question 4

You have finished the last sentence of your homework. What should you NOT do?

A: Read it 'aloud in your head.' This will also act as revision, making it easier to remember when it comes to exams.
B: Close your book and sit down to play a computer game.
C: Show a family member, telling them what you did. This will make it easy to spot any mistakes and easier to remember for an exam.

Question 5

You are writing your homework and don't know how to spell a word. What do you do?

A: Ask a family member.
B: Spell it how you think - you teacher will know what you mean.
C: Write the word how you think it's spelt for the time being and look it up in the dictionary later. This way your concentration won't be interrupted.

Question 6

If you do your homework in the evening, when is the best time to start?

A: The very moment you get home from school.
B: Late at night when it's quiet and everyone has gone to bed.
C: After you've had a drink and a snack and before tea.

Question 7

If you have a lot of homework, how often should you take breaks?

A: Every 30 minutes you should take a 15 minute break.
B: Every 90 minutes you should take a 15 to 20 minute break.
C: Every two hours you should take a five minute break.

Question 8

You have a large piece of coursework to do. What do you do?

A: Put pen to paper. The areas you need to cover will come to mind as you are writing.
B: Before you begin, brainstorm what you are going to include then write a bullet point list of the topics you are going to cover and in what order.

Question 9

Your Geography teacher has told you to write an essay on volcanoes and you don't know where to begin. What do you do?

A: Write down everything you know about volcanoes
B: Copy the pages on volcanoes from your geography text book.
C: Answer the five W questions - What are they? Where are they found? Who monitors them? When do they erupt? Why do they erupt? - and the H question - How are they formed?

Question 10

The government says you should revise for a certain amount of time each day. Which of these applies to Years Seven and Eight?

A: 60 to 90 minutes a day.
B: 45 to 90 minutes a day.
C: 30 minutes a day.

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