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Last Updated: Wednesday May 05 2004 15:56 GMT

Quiz: Exams

Exam paper

Question 1

Have you remembered your pencil?

A: Yes
B: No
C: What?

Question 2

How many GCSE, A and AS level exam papers and bits of coursework were there in 2001?

A: 837,000
B: 2.76 million
C: 24 million

Question 3

How many people were needed to mark all those exams?

A: 126
B: 3,059
C: 48,000

Question 4

Have you remembered your spare pencil?

A: Yes
B: No
C: Donít be silly

Question 5

Dreaming about exams means you:

A: Wish you were brainier
B: Are expecting a cash windfall
C: Have obstacles to overcome in life

Question 6

How come budgies with no teeth always do well in exams?

A: Because they have to succeed
B: Donít know

Question 7

When guessing the answers to a multiple choice, which is the best letter to go for?

A: )
B: )
C: )
D: )

Question 8

Winston Churchill grew up to be Prime Minister, but in an exam to get into Harrow school all he wrote was:

A: One ink blot
B: Two smudges, one ink blot
C: One question number, two smudges, one ink blot

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