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Last Updated: Monday September 20 2004 14:04 GMT

Quiz: Bullfighting


Question 1

When did bullfighting first begin?

A: 1952
B: Roman times
C: 1643
D: Norman ages

Question 2

In which of these countries does bullfighting take place?

A: Russia
B: Spain, Portugal and Germany
C: Spain, Portugal and Mexico

Question 3

What is a calvaleiro?

A: A horseman who targets the bull with spears
B: A trainee matador
C: A member of the crowd at a bullfight
D: A young bull

Question 4

How many bullfights take place in Portugal each year?

A: Around 300
B: Around 3,000
C: Around 30, 000
D: Around 300, 000

Question 5

How does a bullfight end in Portugal?

A: The matador kills the bull
B: Children enter the ring
C: The bull is dragged out of the ring

Question 6

What is a muleta?

A: A bullfighting expert
B: The cape used in bullfighting
C: A bullfighting ring

Question 7

How much does a bull weigh?

A: About half a tonne
B: About two stone
C: About 10 stone

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