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Guides: Back to school

Last Updated: Friday August 27 2004 15:18 GMT

Catching the bus

Lots of people can walk to their primary school, but have to get a bus when they start secondary school.

Here's some tips to help make life easy on the first day.

Before the start of school:

  • Decide which stop to use: It might be worth walking a bit further to find one that's got a bench or is where you're mates will be.

  • Look at the timetable: Find out what time to catch the bus - avoid the bus that gets to school just in time. That will be rammed full of kids and if it's even slightly late you'll start stressing.

  • Have a trial run: It's the only way to know how long the journey actually takes - the timetable may be wrong.
On the day:
  • If you are the only person waiting, hold out your arm to tell the driver to stop. This makes you look a bit stupid, but not as stupid as you look if the bus just drives straight past.

  • If possible, sit with someone you know on the bus. If you don't know anyone it's best to sit near the front of the bus as older pupils often sit at the back.

  • If you see bullying on the bus, tell a teacher.

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