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Last Updated: Tuesday August 24 2004 11:51 GMT

Worksheet - Chewing gum comments

  • "There are a couple of posters around my town centre where it says 'STICK IT, DONT SPIT IT' and it looks disgusting, just viewing it with other people's chewed chewing gum on makes you feel sick!"
    Shanni, 14, Preston

  • "I think all gum related campaigns should focus on school; it's disgusting because it's all over the tables, chairs and benches - you can't even tuck your chair in!! I was sitting on the school bus and got loads of it stuck on my bag after it came of the seat. It should be TOTALLY banned in schools and special bins for it on the streets."
    Sarah, 12, Stockport

  • "People should be fined for dropping gum and litter."
    Maisy, 14, Southampton

  • "Maybe they could create a biodegradable gum that's good for the environment."
    Chelsea, 15, Whitby

  • "I think they should keep chewy at the same price 'cos not everyone spits it on the floor!!!! If there were more bins around maybe no one would spit it on the floor so really it's the council's fault!!!"
    Emma, 14, Liverpool

  • "Making the price of chewing gum really high is a good idea, but I have a better one: make it ILLEGAL. I HATE chewing gum. It would be ok if people put it in the bin but they NEVER do. It's foul and it's everywhere. It ruins the environment and costs a ton to clean up. Making it illegal would be no great tragedy, there are loads of other sweets you can buy."
    Rowena, 15, London

  • "I think the thing where you can stick your gum on famous person's face is a good idea. And maybe if you press hard enough on the faces the voice of the celeb could say something?.."
    Charlotte, 14, Lincoln

  • "I think there should be posters put up beside bins to remind people to put chewing gum in the bin or it'll be banned."
    Zoe, 13, Dundee

  • "Chewing gum is ILLEGAL in Singapore!"
    Michael, 13, Edinburgh

  • "They should have special parts to bins like they do with cigarettes where you can put your gum so all the gum's together."
    Sarah, 15, Birmingham

  • "I think that someone should invent a chewing that you can swallow."
    Lawrence, 10, Cardiff

  • "Three pound for a packet of gum is ridiculous! Why should we have to pay for people who put their gum on the floor and not the bin? VERY unfair to say the least."
    Kirsty, 11, Wrexham

  • "Maybe they should make special bins for gum and when you stick your gum in the bin a 1 gift token could come out the side, or maybe a scratch card that if you win is a 1 gift token to something else."
    Faye, 14, USA

  • "I think the government should use 50% of the money that people spend on each packet to clean up the UK."
    Ciaran, 12, Belfast

  • "I don't chew gum myself, but I am always reminding my friends to put it in a bin, or back in the wrapper until they find one."
    Juliette, 13, Cardiff

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