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Guides: Culling Animals

Last Updated: Friday February 25 2005 10:46 GMT

Arguments against culling animals


Arguments against culling animals:

  • There are alternatives to culling.
    E.g. A noise device to deter seals from damaging fishermen's nets.
    E.g. Relocating hedgehogs from an outer Hebridean island to the mainland, rather than killing them.
    E.g. Reducing the main food source available to a type of animal, decreasing their numbers, rather than killing them.

  • Culling is ineffective in the long term as the species will eventually repopulate the area.

  • Evidence suggests that some creatures, such as deer, can keep their own numbers down without the need for culling. A deer specialist has said the number of roe deer in the New Forest have halved over 20 years without culling. The deer in the area naturally had fewer fawns in response to rising numbers.

  • Deciding which animals live or die is interfering with the process of natural selection. It is not man's role to play God.

  • Animals have been here as long as humans and man has no right to kill them.

  • Culling is murder. What if someone decided the UK's human population was too large and wanted to cull millions of people to control the situation?

  • Animals deserve rights and it is not up to humans to make decisions for them.

  • Methods used to cull animals are often brutal, such as clubbing seals.

  • Guide to Culling Animals

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