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Last Updated: Friday August 22 2008 15:09 GMT

Quiz: Famous Olympic moments

Great Britain's rowers on their way to winning the gold medal in the men's coxless four final at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

Question 1

In which year did legendary British rower Sir Steve Redgrave win his FIFTH Olympic gold medal?

A: 2004
B: 2000
C: 1996

Question 2

In 1988, Ben Johnson won the men's 100m in a world record time but was later disqualified. Why?

A: He wore the wrong kit
B: He started the race too early
C: He failed a drugs test

Question 3

Romania's Nadia Comaneci, 14, stunned sports fans in 1976 with several perfect 10 performances in gymnastics, but how many did she get?

A: Seven
B: Six
C: Five

Question 4

In the 1936 Olympics, which American sprinter upset Hitler by winning four gold medals?

A: Jim Brown
B: Jesse James
C: Jesse Owens

Question 5

How far was British runner Paula Radcliffe from the finish line when she pulled out of the marathon in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

A: 1 mile
B: 4 miles
C: 7 miles

Question 6

In 1970, American athlete Bob Beamon set a world record that lasted for 20 years, but what event was it in?

A: Triple jump
B: High jump
C: Long jump

Question 7

Who became the first British athlete to win three golds in a single Games for 100 years?

A: Chris Hoy
B: Rebecca Adlington
C: Michael Phelps

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