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Last Updated: Monday March 08 2004 17:26 GMT

Quiz: Rainforests

Question 1

How many species become extinct every day in the world’s tropical rainforests?

A: 1
B: 12
C: 35

Question 2

Rainforests are full of life, how many species might you find in just one square kilometre of forest?

A: 1000
B: 2000
C: 3000

Question 3

The forests have been around for a long time, some are as old as:

A: TheTower of London
B: Roman soldiers
C: Dinosaurs

Question 4

Plants from the rainforest have helped us treat:

A: Leukaemia
B: Breast cancer
C: Asthma
D: All of these

Question 5

How tall do trees grow in the rainforest?

A: 25 metres
B: 45 metres
C: 65 metres

Question 6

Traditional rainforest hunters use blow pipes and poison tipped darts. Where do they get the poison from?

A: Plants
B: Frogs
C: Spiders
D: Snakes

Question 7

When trees are cut down to grow crops it’s called:

A: Deforestation
B: Recalibration
C: Reforestation

Question 8

Each year we cut down an area of rainforest the size of:

A: Wales
B: London
C: 100 football pitches

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