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Guides: School and the law

Last Updated: Friday December 10 2004 09:54 GMT


It's a parent's responsibility to make sure their kids attend school properly. The government want people to take this more seriously, so they've changed the rules.

The law now includes fines and possible prison sentences for anyone whose kids keep bunking off. These are some ways of getting truants back into school:

1. Parenting contract: The parents of kids who aren't going to school enough agree to a set of rules to improve attendance.

2. Parenting orders: These are set up by a court. Parents can be sent to lessons on improving kids behaviour and attendance. Disobeying the court can mean a 1000 fine.

3. Penalty notices: Head teachers and the police can issue 100 fines to parents if their child bunks school, or if a parent lets kids have a holiday or days off in term time.

4.Police patrols: If a police officer finds a school age kid in a public place they can take them back to school, if they believe they are playing truant.

Guide to School and the law

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