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Living in care

Last Updated: Thursday March 10 2011 12:57 GMT

What is living in care?

The cast of Tracy Beaker

When people decide it's better for children to be away from their parents for a while it's known as living in care.

There are about 70,000 children living in care in the UK - that might sound like a lot but it's actually less than 1% of all the kids in the country. The average age of a child in care is 10 years old.

Most children in care are fostered, which means they live with another family for a while.

Sometimes they stay there for just a weekend, other times they can stay for years.

Others live in children's homes, which is a bit like living in a big house with lots of other kids - like Tracy Beaker living at the Dumping Ground - only staff look after you instead of parents.