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Last Updated: Friday February 27 2004 12:05 GMT

Case study: Youth Issues

Young reporters Ryan, 14, and Rodney, 17, write a column called Youth Issues for their local paper.

Here's what Ryan says about his experience:

"I've always been mad about writing and fascinated with newsreaders, one day I would like to be a broadcast journalist and read the news.

My first writing experience was getting a poem published in a children's poetry book.

Then I did work experience on one local paper, the Fermanagh Herald. I started a column there called Teen Zone.

After that the editor of the Impartial Reporter asked me to join with another teen journalist called Rodney. Together we created Youth Issues, which is a new page for teens.

These are my tips for writing a column:

  • Be really enthusiastic

  • Do your research for interesting questions when interviewing someone

  • Talk to people to find really interesting stories for your age group

  • Be patient - writing a column takes time and effort
How we started our campaign

While out and about we noticed there was very little to interest teen shoppers. We did extensive research around the town and came up with the idea of launching a campaign to get businesses to offer their young shoppers a discount.

We launched the campaign in our column. Another national paper made a feature of it and now we hope to get as many shops as possible involved. We also want to prove that teenagers can achieve something like this despite our age.

My biggest ambition in journalism is to front a big news story. I hope to continue writing and get further experience so I get a good headstart for when I finish university."

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