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Last Updated: Tuesday February 13 2007 16:59 GMT

What to do if you're blue on Valentine's Day

Upset girl

Are you sick of Valentine's Day? Does all this talk of love make you feel sad rather than soppy?

Well don't worry - you are definitely NOT alone.

ChildLine gets lots of calls from kids on Valentine's Day.

And 14 February is one of the busiest days of the year for The Samaritans too, which shows it's not just kids who find it upsetting.

There are lots of reasons why kids don't like Valentines Day:

  • You've just been dumped by your boy/girlfriend
  • All your friends got cards and you didn't get any
  • You're being bullied and Valentine's Day makes it worse
  • All your mates are going out with people and you're single
  • You sent your fave boy/girl a card but they didn't get you one back
  • Your parents have split up and you don't want to think about romance
  • You want to tell your crush that you like them but you haven't got the guts


ChildLine counsellor, Simon, had this advice for people who are scared of telling people they fancy them.

"Letting someone know how you feel about them can often be a scary experience. A good starting point is to think about the best ways in which to communicate your feelings to the other person - perhaps you could approach them directly or send them a note?

"Alternatively you could ask a friend to approach the other person - although this can sometimes result in the message being misunderstood.

'It's not easy'

"Admittedly it's not easy approaching someone you like and telling them how you feel about them so it may be easier to pick a time to speak with them when they're not with their friends."

And there's loads of things you can do to beat the Valentine's blues. You could:

  • Get together with your mates and have a laugh.
  • Organise an anti-Valentine's party for all your single mates and talk about what fun it is being footloose and fancy free!
  • Tell someone if you feel really down, like your mum or dad, brother or sister, or your mates
  • Watch funny TV or films- don't make yourself feel worse with weepy movies
  • Listen to happy, empowering music - depressing music's the last thing you need. Artists like Christina, Beyonce or Eminem and 50 Cent are real believers in being strong and single
  • Walk your dog (if you have one) or play with your pet - animals are great for cheering you up!
  • If you're in on your own, you could chat to your mates online, in safe, moderated chatrooms or the Newsround messageboards. There'll be loads of people on our messageboards on 14 Feb
  • If you are feeling very down, there are helplines you can call. Click on the links on the right of this page for details of ChildLine.

Remember Valentine's Day is only ONE day of the year - by tomorrow everyone will have forgotten all about it!

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