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Guides: School newspapers

Last Updated: Wednesday January 21 2004 12:26 GMT

Case study: The Huxlow Voice

Helen Porte of Huxlow School's English Department gives some advice:

  • Try to get the someone from the local newspaper to come and talk to teachers and students who are interested.

  • Get a team of volunteers together. Ask a teacher to help all students in the school to write for the newspaper if they wish (perhaps have a box for articles in the library).

  • Take advantage of everyone in the local area - they seem to be keen to help out schools (interviews, prizes, sponsorship...).

  • If printing costs are too high, put the paper on the internet (the school ICT technician schould help).

  • Set realistic targets - try and produce one paper per term.

  • Invite a range of people to talk/be interviewed.

  • Write and call book publishers and record companies as they will probably send free stuff to review.

  • Write as much as you can about the school - plays, trips, achievements, building changes, sports etc.

Guide to School newspapers

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