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Last Updated: Tuesday April 07 2009 14:43 GMT

What makes a great report?

The Newsround reporting team

Newsround Press Packs give you the chance to be a part of the Newsround reporting team.

Kids around the UK produce Press Packs for our website and for the TV programme about issues that matter to them.

Here we've selected a few of our favourite reports to give you an idea of what we're looking for.

Evie and Gem

Evie is deaf and wrote to us about her hearing dog, Gem

Evie is pretty special as she was the youngest person in the UK to get a hearing dog. It's a really positive report where she talks about the difference Gem has made to her life.

It's great that Evie wrote about the difference Gem has made to her emotionally - like making her feel safe - as well as explaining how Gem helps her day to day.

Press Packer Rosalind

Rosalind was upset that a local supermarket wouldn't let schoolkids in on their own

Rosalind wrote to Newsround with this story. It was something she felt strongly about and that affected other children in her area.

Here at Newsround we always want to tackle issues that matter to YOU.

Rosalind's story was turned into a TV report.

Press Packer Oliver standing next to a Red Arrows' plane.

Oliver spent the day with the world famous air display team

Oliver asked to visit the Red Arrows and they agreed - then he wanted to tell Newsround about it!

His report is a good record of his experience and he took on the role of reporter by interviewing the Red Arrows team.

What really made this report stand out, though, were the brilliant photos - an important part of telling a story!

Press Packer Eloise

Eloise wrote about what it's like to move country

There probably aren't many Newsround viewers who've been to New Zealand. Eloise's family moved there. She wrote to us to tell other kids about her new life on the other side of the planet.

Stories like this that introduce kids to something they're unfamiliar with - whether it's a hobby, a country or something wild and wacky that you're involved in - are really interesting.

Cameron with Tupele Dorgu and Helen Flanagan from Coronation Street

Cameron's an award-winning fundraiser

Cameron is extraordinary. He's battled with an illness for most of his childhood, but it spurred him on to raise more than £85,000 for a children's hospital. He was presented with a Children's Champion Award at a glitzy ceremony.

This report was incredible because of what Cameron had achieved by the age of 10, and the great photos gave it some real showbiz glamour!