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Last Updated: Thursday December 18 2003 15:02 GMT

Quiz: New Year

Big Ben at the stroke of midnight

Question 1

When do the Chinese celebrate their New Year?

A: On 1st January
B: At the second new moon after the winter solstice
C: On the 11th day of the 11th month

Question 2

At Hogmanay in Scotland, there is the "Creaming of the Well." The person who drinks from the well will...?

A: Find someone to marry
B: Find some money
C: Find some good luck

Question 3

How do the people of Ecuador, South America get rid of their faults for the New Year?

A: They make a straw man and burn it
B: They have a long bath
C: They write them on paper and bury them

Question 4

On the morning of the Vietnamese New Year, called "Tet", what are children not allowed to do?

A: Laugh
B: Cry
C: Sing

Question 5

What happens shortly before midnight, on New Year's Eve, in Japan?

A: Buddhist temples ring their bells 108 times
B: Buddhist temples wash their steps
C: Buddhist temples light their candles

Question 6

The first New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York happened in...?

A: 1900
B: 1907
C: 1914

Question 7

In Greece kids leave their shoes by the fireside on New Year's Day so that St Basil will...?

A: Fill them with presents
B: Fill them with sweets
C: Fill them with socks

Question 8

The Jewish New Year is called...?

A: Chanukah
B: Yom Kippur
C: Rosh Hashanah

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