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Guides: School newspapers

Last Updated: Thursday August 04 2005 13:49 GMT

What can you put in one?

A crowd of children,walking
There's a lot going on in schools so you should never be short of things to put in the paper.

These are just some of the things you could include:

1. News. Anything that affects people at your school.

2. Sports reports. Let people know how the school teams have done.

3. Clubs and activities. Does everyone know about all the things they could be doing? Probably not.

4. School trips. Get someone who went on the trip to write about what happened.

5. Buildings. If there is any building work happening people are always pretty nosey about what the changes will mean.

6. Quizzes. Set some questions for your classmates.

7. Recipes. What's your favourite meal? Share it with your mates, it doesn't have to be anything flash.

8. Local celebs. Write a piece about somebody well known who comes from your area.

9. Artwork. remember to include some nice stuff to look at. It's good to get someone who is good at art on the team.

10. Photos. Go out and about in the corridors taking pictures of pupils and teachers. They will want to get your paper to see themselves in print.

11. Reviews. Talk about the latest films or albums from your fave artists.

Guide to School newspapers

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