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Michael Jackson

Last Updated: Friday June 26 2009 06:04 GMT

Why did Michael Jackson stay famous?

Michael Jackson

As someone who was in the entertainment industry for all his life, Michael Jackson was always in the news.

He first made headlines for his singing, but in later years Jackon's unusual behaviour kept him in the news too.

In November 2003, he was arrested after allegations he had hurt a 14-year-old boy.

The singer pleaded not guilty to 10 charges against him. He was cleared of all charges on 13 June 2005.

Since then Jackson was often spotted wearing masks in public, as well as hiding the faces of his three children when spotted with them too.

In 2009 he announced a massive comeback of 50 concerts, all taking place at the 02 Arena in London. The first gig was scheduled to take place on 13 July 2009.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday 25 June 2009 in Los Angeles, America.

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