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Last Updated: Thursday August 21 2003 15:18 GMT

New law about kids on the street

The government has brought in some new laws as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act.

These special powers apply only in areas where the police and the local council agree that groups of kids have been causing a problem. You might also hear this being called a curfew.

1. Breaking up groups of kids

If groups have been hassling or threatening people, then the local police can be authourised to break up any gathering of two or more people. They can move them on and order them to leave the area and not come back for 24 hours. They can't make you leave if you live in the area.

2. Kids being out after 9pm

After 9pm, if you are under 16 and your behaviour isn't being controlled by an adult, the police can take you back to the place where you live.

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