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Last Updated: Friday October 07 2005 14:21 GMT

Quiz: Manners

Is it good manners to eat like this?

Question 1

You’ve gone round to your friend’s house for dinner with their family. How do you behave at the table?

A: Use your knife and fork and eat everything put in front of you
B: Eat with your mouth wide open while talking to your friend's mum
C: Eat as much as you can, as quickly as you can

Question 2

You’re on the platform as your train arrives… what happens next?

A: Barge your way on before anyone can get off so you don't miss the train
B: Let the other passengers get off first, and then get on
C: You're so engrossed with playing on your GameBoy that you totally miss the train

Question 3

Your mobile phone goes off in the library, what do you do?

A: You've set it to silent so it's not disturbing anyone, and you'll call the person back later
B: Your Simpsons theme ringtone fills the aisles as you scramble through your bag to try and turn it off
C: You answer it and talk very loudly to your mate about meeting up later

Question 4

Your aunty sends you a music voucher for your birthday, what do you do?

A: Go out and spend it, and play the CD extra loud next time she comes round
B: Write her a letter or phone her up to thank her
C: Forget she even sent it to you and find it six months later under all your magazines

Question 5

You’re on a bus listening to your MP3 player when someone asks you to turn it down. What do you do?

A: Totally ignore them – you can do what you like it's your music!
B: Turn it down a little bit for about five minutes, then turn it back up again!
C: Turn it down and make sure the mega bass isn't on full – it's really annoying when you can hear other people's music

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