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Body Image

Last Updated: Thursday September 27 2007 12:57 GMT

Why do we worry about body image?

A mirror

How much time do you spend gazing at yourself in the mirror and wondering how much better you could look?

Well, more of us than ever are comparing ourselves to models and celebrities and unsurprisingly, we're not very satisfied with what we see.

A recent survey said half of girls aged 8 to 12 want to look like the women they see in the media and six out of ten of you think you'd be happier if you were thinner.

But did you know that on average models and actresses have half the body fat of healthy women? That means most of them are underweight.

And not only that, poor body image can mean we're so busy trying to change the way we look, we don't appreciate just what we've got.

It's not just a problem for girls. Lots of boys are also increasingly worried about the way they look.

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