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Last Updated: Wednesday November 16 2005 10:45 GMT

Quiz: Bears

A brown bear

Question 1

To which animal is the bear closely related?

A: Dog
B: Cat
C: Monkey

Question 2

Approximately how many Grizzly bears are there in North America?

A: 150
B: 1,500
C: 150,000

Question 3

What sweet stuff are bears especially fond of?

A: Honey
B: Marmalade
C: Jam

Question 4

The polar bear's scientific name is ursus maritimus. What does that mean?

A: White Bear
B: Sea Bear
C: Ice Bear

Question 5

How tall can a Grizzly bear be when he stands on his hind legs?

A: 22 feet
B: 7 feet
C: 12 feet

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