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Asylum Seekers

Last Updated: Thursday April 09 2009 11:18 GMT

How many people come to the UK seeking asylum?

Asylum seekers leave their homes and move to other countries, where they feel they will be protected.

Thousands of people apply for asylum in the UK each year. That's the main reason why people are talking about this.

Asylum applications in the UK

2007  - 23,430

2006  - 23,610

2005  - 25,710

2004  - 33,960

2003  - 49,405

These numbers don't include the children or other family members that the asylum seeker might bring into the UK with them.

In 2002, there were 85,865 asylum applications, if you count the families as well the number goes up to 110,000.

This was 20% more than in 2001.