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Last Updated: Monday March 19 2007 11:41 GMT

Saddam's capture and trial

Saddam before and after his capture
After Saddam Hussein's government fell, US forces spent months looking for him.

They offered a reward of 15 million for anyone who could tell them where he was.

In December 2003, they tracked him down to a small village and in an operation involving 600 soldiers were able to capture him alive.

He was found hiding in a tiny cellar at a farmhouse, about 15km (10 miles) south of his hometown, Tikrit.

Saddam was put on trial for murder, after being charged with being involved with the killing of 148 people in the village of Dujail in 1988.

The trial started in October 2004.

It did not go smoothly - two judges quit the case because of political pressure. Another quit for different reasons.

Two defence lawyers were killed and another fled the country.

Saddam was very argumentative when in the specially-built courtroom, and often said he didn't accept that the court was allowed to try him.

Saddam was sentenced to death on 5 November 2006. He appealed against the decision but he lost the appeal.

Saddam Hussein was killed by hanging on 30 December, 2006, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

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