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Last Updated: Tuesday March 08 2005 17:09 GMT

Quiz: Ancient civilisations

Sphinx and pyramid

Question 1

What symbol-based writing did ancient Sumerians use?

A: Aramaic
B: Cuneiform
C: Hieroglyphs

Question 2

What's the name of the mysterious city which was said to have been flooded and destroyed?

A: Sumeria
B: Mesopotamia
C: Atlantis

Question 3

Who was the Greek god of time?

A: Chronos
B: Zeus
C: Gaia

Question 4

The ancient Egytians were polytheistic - but what does that mean?

A: They were great builders
B: They believed in many gods
C: They traded in polythene plastics

Question 5

When was the Mayan civilisation thought to have existed?

A: 8000 BC to 50 AD
B: 5000 BC to 500AD
C: 2000 BC to 900 AD

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