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Last Updated: Tuesday May 16 2006 13:01 GMT

Quiz: Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Question 1

The first people to successfully climb Mount Everest were Sir Edmund Hillary and ...?

A: Tensing Norway
B: Tensing Norhay
C: Tensing Norgay

Question 2

How high is the mountain?

A: 7,356m
B: 8,850m
C: 9,222m

Question 3

What is a Sherpa?

A: A local guide from Nepal
B: A Nepalese sheep
C: A special drink to celebrate reaching the top

Question 4

At what temperature does water boil at the top of Everest?

A: 60 degrees C
B: 70 degrees C
C: 100 degrees C

Question 5

How old is the mountain?

A: 48m years
B: 60m years
C: 80m years

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