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Last Updated: Friday June 20 2003 16:53 GMT

Harry Potter: Opposer's points

The new cover

As The Opposer you are against the motion:

This house believes that new Harry Potter books are worth making a fuss of.

These are some points to put in a speech.

  • The advertising campaign pressures kids into getting the book when it comes out - that means buying an expensive hardback book.

  • This discriminates against poorer Potter fans who might get a second-hand book or borrow it from a library.

  • Other childrens' authors might find it hard to get their books read, because no one notices anything apart from Potter.

  • Kids feel they have to read Potter. That means they can't develop their own interests by reading books that interest them more but are less popular.

  • Kids who don't read very well could feel excluded or bullied.

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