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Last Updated: Friday June 20 2003 16:53 GMT

Harry Potter: Proposer's points

The new cover

As The Proposer you support the motion:

This house believes that new Harry Potter books are worth making a fuss of.

These are some points to go in a speech.

  • People have always got excited about new books. In 1821, when the poet Byron had the latest parts of his popular Don Juan published, excited crowds banged on his publisher's door and windows.

  • Encouraging kids to read is a good thing. They might start off reading Harry Potter and go on to read regularly. This will improve their literacy.

  • Loads of advertising is aimed at kids. Books are much less harmful than fast food or sugar rich fizzy drinks.

  • Advertising lets us know about products that might interest us. No one is forced to read Harry Potter.

  • Harry Potter books have made it OK to read - that means the kids who like reading don't feel left out or get bullied as much.

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