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Last Updated: Sunday May 08 2005 12:30 GMT

Quiz: Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Question 1

When was Prince Harry born?

A: 15 June 1982
B: 15 August 1983
C: 15 September 1984

Question 2

What are the Prince's middle names?

A: Charles Albert David
B: Philip Charles Andrew
C: William Nigel Charles

Question 3

Which prep school in Berkshire did Harry go to before Eton?

A: Wetherby
B: Ampleforth
C: Ludgrove

Question 4

Which famous photographer took special photos of Harry for his 18th birthday?

A: David Bailey
B: Mario Testino
C: Lord Litchfield

Question 5

What did the Queen give him for his 18th?

A: His own castle
B: His own coat of arms
C: His own golden polo ball

Question 6

What is Prince Harry's official home in London called?

A: Clarence House
B: Windsor castle
C: Buckingham Palace

Question 7

Where did Harry train to be an officer in the Army?

A: Sandhurst
B: Cranwell
C: Dartmouth

Question 8

Where did he NOT go to on his gap year?

A: Australia
B: Africa
C: China

Question 9

Which horsey sport does Harry play with his dad and brother?

A: Racing
B: Show jumping
C: Polo

Question 10

Which of these girls has Harry been linked to?

A: Chelsy Davy
B: Lesley Gravy
C: Heddy Lemar

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