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Last Updated: Friday April 18 2003 11:48 GMT

Quiz: Easter

A pile of decorated Easter eggs

Question 1

Where does the name Easter come from?

A: An Anglo-Saxon goddess called Eastre
B: A saint from the sixth century
C: An old word for cross

Question 2

How long is Lent is western churches?

A: 30 days
B: 40 days
C: 50 days

Question 3

Why do we have eggs at Easter?

A: Because it's when most eggs are laid
B: They taste nice
C: They are a symbol of rebirth

Question 4

What traditionally happened on Ash Wednesday?

A: People burnt leaves
B: People put ash on their foreheads
C: Fireplaces were cleaned out in time for Easter

Question 5

What Jewish festival takes place near Easter?

A: Passover
B: Yom Kippur
C: Chanukah

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