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Last Updated: Friday February 27 2009 15:02 GMT

Healthy eating

PSHE KS2/KS3/Levels E&F
Health influences

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Top tips to make burgers and wedges


Rugby League stars Vinnie and Louis Anderson are on a mission to teach children how to cook healthy meals. The Warrington Wolves players visited children in their area to show them how to make healthy burgers and potato wedges.

Students try their hand at influencing eating habits by devising a scheme for encouraging healthy eating.

Learning aims
  • Discuss healthy eating
  • Devise ways of getting kids to eat more healthily


Read the story :

Working in pairs:

  • Prepare a talk to Year 6 students about being healthy. What are the most important things to mention?
  • What are the best approaches the government could use to get younger kids to listen to their message?

Examples of approaches: Make it funny, use a celebrity, cartoons and music. Advertise online, in magazines, on radio and TV.

Main activity

Students devise their own campaigns or schemes for getting younger students to eat more healthily.

They should assume that they are helping the government with a big project.

They should:

  • Invent a way of promoting healthy living (an activity or gimmick).
  • Design a logo or poster to promote their scheme.
  • Think up a catchy jingle or poem.
  • Devise a memorable slogan.

Ideas for campaigns:

  • Include free gifts with fruit and vegetable packages.
  • Each time someone proves they have eaten something healthy they receive another entry for a prize draw.
  • Those completing a certain number of healthy eating activities (the group determine how many) earn 'health' points. The points can be presented as a league table for individuals or groups.
  • Give out 'healthy bingo' cards. These have many kinds of healthy eating activities presented in a 4 x 4 grid. For example, get yourself a water bottle - keep it full and drink it often or try a vegetable you've never tasted. The first person to complete all the activities in the grid (a 'full house') wins a prize.


Students present their campaign ideas and the class offer constructive feedback.

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