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Guides: Domestic violence

Last Updated: Monday April 18 2005 15:18 GMT

Violence stats and facts

A boy
There are some very surprising facts and figures about domestic violence.

Here are just some of them.

About domestic violence in general:

  • It's estimated police get a call from a victim of domestic violence every minute
  • Domestic violence make up nearly a quarter of all violent crime
  • Less than 35% of domestic violence is actually reported to the police
  • Some say that figure is more like 11% though
  • Less than half of victims tell a mate or another family member
About children and domestic violence:
  • Children under 16 live in half of the households where there is domestic violence
  • Between a third and two thirds of children in homes where their mum's abused are also at risk
  • In 2000, a survey of 1,300 school children found one in three boys thought violence against women was OK.

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