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Last Updated: Thursday January 23 2003 18:01 GMT

Quiz: African business

South African miners

Question 1

How many countries in Africa produce oil?

A: 2
B: 13
C: None

Question 2

How much of the world's undiscovered gold is waiting to be dug up in Africa?

A: Half
B: A third
C: A fifth

Question 3

How many cars did South Africa export in 2001?

A: 100,000
B: 7,823
C: They don't make cars in Africa

Question 4

Where does most of Africa's electricity come from?

A: Burning wood
B: Burning coal
C: Hydro-electric power
D: Solar power

Question 5

In 1998 Tanzania exported $84 million worth of what?

A: Diamonds
B: Fish
C: Cocoa

Question 6

Comoros is one of the world's smallest countries. It's major export is what?

A: Cloves
B: Stoves
C: Gloves

Question 7

Which of these countries has a well established wine industry?

A: Mauritius
B: Ethiopia
C: Sudan

Question 8

How much coal is waiting to be dug up under Nigeria?

A: 1 million tonnes
B: 100 million tonnes
C: 1 billion tonnes
D: 2.5 billion tonnes

Question 9

What percentage of countries in Africa are experiencing war or civil unrest?

A: 75
B: 50
C: 25

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